Design and Fabrication of Organic Waste Shredding Machine – Agricultural Project

Design and Fabrication of Organic Waste Shredding Machine – Agricultural Project



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有机废物或绿色废物是有机材料,例如食品,花园,农业和草坪剪报。它还可以包括动物和植物的材料以及可降解的碳,例如纸,纸板和木材。在垃圾填埋场中埋葬有机废物是一个大问题。因此,首先,我们必须知道固体废物管理的必要性/原因。食物浪费是具有高热量和营养价值的有机材料,这就是为什么可以提高甲烷生产效率的原因。在所有城市和地点,有机废物被倾倒或处置在垃圾填埋场或丢弃中,这会造成公共卫生危害和疾病,例如疟疾,霍乱,伤寒。诸如不受控制的倾倒熊之类的废物的管理不足会产生一些不利的后果。它不仅通过渗滤液污染地下水和表面,而且还促进了苍蝇,蚊子,大鼠和其他带有载体的繁殖。此外,它会产生不愉快的气味和甲烷,这是为全球变暖的主要温室气体。农业是世界许多地方的主要职业,并生产一系列需要各种治疗技术和管理实践的废水。 The basic occupation of 70% of the population in India is majorly dependent on Agriculture. A variety of crops are cultivated in India. But after harvesting them the crops wastages are either burnt out or thrown as waste without taking into consideration of their nutritive value. With the increase in the population our aim is not only to stabilize agriculture production but also to increase it further in sustainable manner. Excessive use of agro-chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers over years may affect the soil health and lead to declining of crop yields and quality of the products. Hence, a natural balance needs to be maintained at all costs for existence of life and property. The obvious choice would be judicious use of agro-chemicals and more and more use of naturally occurring materials in farming systems. Agriculture waste, which includes both natural and non-natural wastes. The conventional agro-waste disposal is a traditional and oldest method of waste disposal in which agriculture wastes are dumped as it is to degrade in a particular place for decomposing. As the waste are dumped, it takes more time to degrade and it causes environmental pollution. Hence the shredder machine is used for shredding i.e. converting of macro agriculture waste and food waste into small easily decomposable form, which can used as organic manure. The small size waste will decompose faster than the large or macro size waste. This decomposed waste can be used for the crops and this leads to improving in the growth and quality of the crops and also improving the soil chemical properties such as supply and retention of soil nutrients, and promotes chemical reactions.

shredder machine -agricultural project
shredder machine -agricultural project


In this Shredding machine, the Organic waste like Agriculture waste, Kitchen Debris, cooked foods etc are fed into the machine vertically through hopper on to the cutters. Cutters are mounted on shaft supported by bearings which is mounted on the machine frame. One shaft driven by motor and another shaft driven by spur gear both shaft rotated in opposite direction. The motor is rotated at certain speed 1440 rpm and with it coupled with gear box to reduce the speed and to increase the torque.

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When the crop or waste come in contact with the rotating cutters or blades then the shearing action takes place. Due this shearing action, the large size waste converted into small micro size. This small size wastage will decompose faster than the macro size. The clearance between the rotating blades depends upon the size of the organic waste used for chopping. The chopped organic waste comes out of the machine and undergoes decomposition.

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